The Mexican parliament still has to vote on this measure, but the Mexican government has no plans to renege on its decision to eliminate quotas and duties on imports of Chinese shoes as of Dec. 11. Chinese footwear currently incurs duties of 70 percent in Mexico. Bruno Ferrari, Mexico's finance minister, said that changing the decision would sully the country's reputation as a serious trading partner. He noted that all of Mexico's exports rose to almost $300 billion in 2010, up from just $52 billion in 1993, as a result of its open trade policy. He noted that the country would monitor activity and act quickly if it saw evidence of uncompetitive practices by Chinese exporters. The duties on Chinese shoes have been in place for too long based on the guidelines of the World Trade Organization. To compensate for the planned phase-out, Mexico's first lady, Margarita Zavala, encouraged Mexican citizens to buy Mexican shoes as she visited Sapica, the national shoe fair in León, earlier this month.