The Mexican state of Jalisco will be taking action to promote the footwear industry. The new president of Jalisco's Chamber of the Footwear Industry (CICEJ), José Isabel Arias Frías, said the agency will promote major projects to support the development of micro, small and medium enterprises in the industry. In addition, the agency will promote the integration of new technologies in the factories and the related training of workers through the Center Leader in Innovation and Prototypes (CLIP), with the objective of incorporating the Internet of Things and developing avant-garde collections in design and fashion. Besides the need for innovation, the footwear companies in Jalisco suffer from a shortage of around 2,000 qualified workers. Frías has also announced the agency will be working on a joint initiative with the National Chamber of the Footwear Industry and the Chamber of the Industry of the State of Guanajuato to tackle imports of footwear, both legal and illegal. Around 20 million pairs of shoes are imported in Mexico every year, according to CICEJ.