The MIDEC shoe show in Paris welcomed a total of 12,532 visitors at the beginning of this month, including 2,265 foreigners, indicating a certain stability as compared to a year ago (12,512 visitors, 2,314 from abroad). With a total of 110 brands, the children’s section was as lively as ever. Buyers reacted positively to the huge color wave running through the collections for all ages, privileging those that had a strong character of their own. As for the simultaneous Who’s Next young fashion fair, which presented many footwear lines, had 28,318 visitors, up 3 percent on last year. French attendance accounted for 72 percent of the total, up by 9.8 percent on the January 2003 edition of the event, but attendance from abroad declined by 11.3 percent to 7,816 persons, with a strong drop in the number of Asian buyers visiting this and other fashion fairs in Paris.