The new general manager for footwear at Reckitt Benckiser is Lars Tandrup. He has been responsible for all activities of the group in the footwear segment since the end of February. Reckitt Benckiser recently acquired SSL International, the British company that owns the Scholl brand of sandals and foot care products. Since Scholl has been taken over by Reckitt Benckiser, the company has gone through a number of organizational changes. Reckitt Benckiser is currently creating a dedicated European footwear business in Milan, from which the management as well as central functions will be managed in the future. In the past, the footwear segment has been an integrated part of the SSL business, which also includes Durex condoms. Reckitt Benckiser acquired SSL International in July 2010. The new structure enables the company to focus on the footwear segment distinctively. The aim of the company is to expand Scholl's potential, as the brand has been mainly present in pharmacies in the past, but is now also gaining presence in the shoe trade channel in Europe.