The new owners of Erich Rohde have finally decided to close down its German shoe factory, located in Schwalmstadt. A total of 120 employees are concerned. Rohde will be transferring its production to another European country, but the exact location has not been announced yet. Product development and final inspection will still take place in Germany.  Rohde currently employs 340 employees, 290 of them based in Germany. In addition to high costs, the production site in Germany has not been working at its full capacity. Reportedly, the company's overall sales increased last year to €63.7 million last year from €60.4 million in the year prior, but then, the company has lost the Daniel Hechter shoe license. In 2008, just before its acquisition by Square Four Investments, Rohde laid off 133 of its employees in Germany. The new owners did not take over the company's factory in Portugal and announced afterwards that they would no longer use its facilities.