The number of buyers visiting Lineapelle in Bologna last month reached a level of more than 23,000, according to the organizers’ preliminary estimates, or 3 percent more than one year ago, in spite of the growing success of Anteprima in Milan and the cancellation of the simultaneous Tanning Tech fair. Lineapelle has launched a documentation center for leather skins and hides, with the goal of consolidating the value chain from upstream to downstream. Called the LP Fashion Studio, the new center was christened on Sept. 22 in Milan with the presence of Rossella Jardini, the reference designer for Moschino, Francesco Pellati, who is a board member of several important Italian companies in the sector as well as of AIMPES, the association of Italian leather goods producers and Armando Pollini, director of the Shoe Museum in Vigevano. About 15,000 catalogued samples will be on display at the LP Fashion Studio, which is located in central Milan, and the specimen will be divided by animal type, finish, colors and prints.