The operating profit of Jones Apparel Group’s wholesale footwear and accessories division improved to 16.9 percent in the 2nd quarter ended July 3 from 13.8 percent in the prior year as revenues increased to $225.8 million from $206.7 million, driven by Nine West and Bandolino branded shoes and handbags. Margins in the retail division, which includes Nine West’s stores, dropped to 14.9 percent from 15.9 percent despite higher sales of $198.6 million. Total revenues increased by 7.4 percent to $1,053 million following the acquisition of Kasper and the launch of Jones New York Signature apparel, leading to a higher net profit of $77.6 million, compared with $71.1 million. The July 8 acquisition of Maxwell Shoe will dilute earnings in the 3rd quarter but the 4th quarter should be better than analysts expected.