The organizers of Panorama, a new trade show for medium-priced clothing, footwear and other accessories, announced the cancellation of its first edition, which was scheduled to be held in Berlin on July 4-6, simultaneously with Bread & Butter, Premium and other established and new fashion fairs such as The Gallery Berlin and Show & Order. Panorama had already enlisted some 300 different brands, which will have trouble relocating to the other shows on such short notice. The cancellation is attributed to unexpected delays in the opening of Berlin's new airport and its neighboring fairgrounds. The organizers of Panorama indicate that it should be possible to hold the fair at another location in Berlin next January, as the new airport is now due to be inaugurated in March 2013. Meanwhile, the organizers of Bright, the action sports and streetwear show in Berlin, have decided to changed its dates to align them with those of the Berlin Fashion Week.