The Premium Group of trade shows for fashion, footwear and accessories that participate in the Berlin Fashion Week, is currently negotiating an agreement with the City and the Senate of Berlin that would help it to utilize the former Tempelhof airport, where the Bread & Butter show organized by Karl-Heinz Müller was previously held. After Zalando bought the bankrupt Bread & Butter trade show in Berlin in June 2015, it was looking for a new site for its fashion festival, as the Senate of Berlin had decided to keep using the premises of the former airport to accommodate refugees. B&B's long-term contract with the City of Berlin for the use of the Tempelhof airport, which was due to expire in 2019, was originally part of the package arranged by Karl-Heinz Müller. The German entrepreneur was planning to launch a new show in the Tempelhof airport on Jan. 15-17, but then cancelled the project, citing uncertainties surrounding the rental of the airport's Hangar 7 and the lack of long-term prospects. In an official statement, Jörg Wichmann, chief executive of the Panorama show, which is held elsewhere, proposed that Templehof be used as a single venue for all the trade shows that take part in the Berlin Fashion Week, and that are now held in different parts of the city. The Panorama show that ended earlier this month recorded an increase in visitors of 12 percent to almost 70,000, according to unofficial figures.