The regional court of Düsseldorf obliged Esprit to pay €900,000 per year until 2019 to continue to sponsor the Arena in Düsseldorf, which will thus continue to be called “Esprit Arena.” Located across from the Düsseldorf's fairgrounds, the Arena is used for concerts, football matches and other major events. This is an extension of the agreement made in 2009, which was for five years with the option to extend it for another five. The Esprit name was briefly removed on May 10-14, 2011 during the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Esprit tried to withdraw from its sponsorship contract over the issue. The mayor of Düsseldorf, Dirk Elbers, agreed reportedly to the withdrawl, but a regional court found that he had no mandate to do so, even though the Arena is fully owned by the city of Düsseldorf. However, he is no official representative of the Arena and he did not express written consent.