The Russian Shoe Week is over. As we reported at the time, Nazim Mustafaev, the former director of the Mosshoe trade show, held it as an alternative fair in the Crocus City center last August at the same time as Euro-Shoes in Moscow, but it attracted only a handful of exhibitors. This leaves Euro-Shoes, Mosshoe and Obuv taking place one after the other twice a year in the Russian capital. Through his company, RED, which stands for Russian Expo Days, Mustafaev is now organizing trade shows in other promising sectors such as 3-D printing and other prototyping technologies, work space management, archives and e-commerce deliveries. However, he is not giving up on the footwear sector. He is acting as a consultant for Expolon, a new permanent showroom of 110,000 square meters that should open in August or September this year, hosting about 50 shoe brands and other brands from the fashion sector. Expolon is offering a turnkey service including office space, a personal brand manager, customs clearance, logistics, banking, marketing and hotel facilities.