The second edition of the European Shoeshow in Cologne, organized by Wellfairs, has been cancelled. The show was supposed to take place on Sept. 24-25, but only 30 exhibitors registered for the show. Observers feel that suppliers may want to see the results of the first edition of the new Gallery Shoes fair, which is due to be held in Düsseldorf on Aug. 27-29. Organized with the help of a former project manager of the now defunct GDS, the first European Shoeshow took place on March 12-13, with 170 exhibitors from 14 countries presenting almost 250 collections. A total of 1,260 people visited the show, a figure which was deemed lower than expected. The Design Attack area with newcomer brands from the fashion and shoe segment, which was part of the former GDS show, was also a part of the European Shoeshow in Cologne this March. It will be organized in a different format in the future.