The Spanish shoe brand Paco Gil recorded a good business year in 2011. Sales grew by 8 percent in volume and by 12 percent in value. Since the middle of the last year, the brand has been sold in the U.K. and France with the help of sales agents. The division of domestic and export sales is quite clear, as only 10 percent of the company's sales are made in Spain and 90 percent are exports. Paco Gil aims to enter the Chinese market in the near future but is still looking for the right distribution channel. It aims to exhibit at a trade show in China in 2012. Paco Gil is also searching for a distributor in the Netherlands, as the company aims to introduce its products to the Dutch market soon. At the moment, the German market is the biggest market for the company, with 146 accounts. The product line is sold by a sales agent, who also takes care of Switzerland and Austria. Due to the increasing demand for Paco Gil's products in Germany, the company will probably restructure distribution in Germany sometime soon and engage an additional sales agent for the northern region of the country. In France and the U.K., Paco Gil has 20 and 22 accounts respectively.