The total turnover of the Gabor group shrank last year to €282 million from €305 million in 2008. Sales of the Gabor line declined to €225.7 million from €239.5 million, and the Camel Active shoe license was down to €48.6 million from €56.4 million. In terms of volume, sales in Germany held steady at around 3 million pairs, but sales abroad fell by 9 percent to 2.9 million pairs, representing 54 percent of total revenues. Because of the financial crisis, Russia and the U.K. were the big losers. Gabor hopes to get some traction from its new Snipe line, which will include children's shoes for the first time for next autumn. It is already represented in 13 countries, but 82 percent of the volume being delivered for the coming spring is in Germany. Gabor is pushing sales of Snipes shoes through social networks such as Facebook.