The Vietnamese government is considering a package of measures that would make available a fund of $600 million for the country’s 412 footwear manufacturers for the next three and a half years, including $350 million that would be invested by overseas companies. The aim is to raise the country’s footwear exports to $6 billion by 2010 with the production of 720 million pairs of shoes a year, which is more than the total number of shoes produced by Spain, Italy and Portugal. The European Union (EU)’s anti-dumping duty on Vietnamese leather shoes caused the country’s overall shoe exports to increase by only 11 percent to $1.9 billion for the first six months of this year, with Europe’s share declining from 80 to around 50 percent of the total export flow. Because of the duty, Vietnamese footwear exporters have targeted other markets including North America, Japan, Taiwan and Eastern Europe.