The websites that do not load fast enough negatively affect brands. According to a new study in the U.K. by Rackspace, a cloud computing company, 83 percent of British consumers have declared that consistently slow or unavailable websites negatively affect their brand loyalty. The survey, which was conducted on 2,000 people, revealed that 37 percent of consumers consider a website to work properly if they have to wait maximum 20 seconds for a website or page to load. For 18 percent of consumers 10 seconds or less are enough to make them abandon their search and look somewhere else. Following an outage or unacceptable load time, 28 percent of consumers said they would buy their chosen item from a different website while 14 percent would go to the high street instead. When asked about why they believe website have problems, 58 percent of consumers said they believe problems are due to traffic, while 45 percent said problems may come from poor design, 39 percent from poorly built website, and 39 percent from website maintenance. Only 16 percent said they believe website problems could be due to an external problem, such as the website being hacked.