While the organizers of the GDS decided not to spell out the figures in mentioning a drop in the number of visitors at its latest show, which took place for the first time between the end of July and the beginning of August, the Italian shoe industry association, Assocalzaturifici, has reported a year-on-year decline of 11.5 percent in the number of visitors at its own shoe show, theMicam, at the beginning of September. The simultaneous leathergoods show, Mipel, fared even worse with a drop of 13 percent in attendance

There were fewer buyers from Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan among the 34,176 visitors registered at theMicam, but the number of retail accounts remained more or less the same, said Assocalzaturifici, without adding any other details. Momad Metropolis, the Spanish fashion and footwear fair that took place in Madrid on Sept. 12-14, has not yet issued attendance figures but is said to have been rather quiet, with fewer foreign visitors and only 115 footwear companies participating..

TheMicam came out with a slightly more attractive look and new services, including a series of conferences by WSGN and other authoritative speakers. It hosted 1,557 exhibitors on more than 67,500 square meters, and 617 of them were not Italian. The number of exhibitors was slightly lower than the 1,573 companies that participated in the September 2013 show.

Cleto Sagripanti, president of Assocalzaturifici, mentioned the possibility of a “slight adjustment” of the dates a year from now, following criticism by several exhibitors. The idea of a slight postponement to a later date in September appears more likely than a radical shift to the month of July.

The Feb. 15-18 dates set for the winter edition appear to be firm, although they have also triggered some criticism. They will overlap with those of Moda in Birmingham, scheduled for Feb. 15-18, and of FN Platform in Las Vegas, due to take place on Feb. 17-19. All three events coincide with wider fashion fairs. Assocalzaturifici has not yet decided when it will start the U.S. edition of theMicam, partly because of persistent logistical problems.

The earlier dates of the GDS and theMicam have apparently led buyers to place more orders at later shows. Reports indicate that Moda Made in Italy, the shoe show held in Munich a few days later for the German market, went relatively well, especially on Thursday and Friday. The same goes for Essenz, which took place at the same dates in another part of the city. The two fairs hosted about 250 and 150 brands, respectively.

Meanwhile, the change in the dates of the GDS has led to the cancellation of a small shoe show in Berlin, What About Shoes, at the end of August. ANWR Schuh reported a slight increase in the number of visitors at one of its house fairs, which took place two weeks earlier than usual and is now called Fashion Days and includes the higher-end Scala section.

Nevertheless, the cooperative has decided to increase the time gap next year between this show and the earlier First Order house fair and this show. The First Order fair will run from Feb. 24 to 26 and from Aug. 18 to 20, and the Fashion Days will follow on March 16-18 and on Sept. 22-24. In the second part of the year, the three-day shows will start on a Tuesday instead of a Monday.