Shoemaster is one of the most widely adopted CAD/CAM programs in the footwear industry, with more than 1,000 installations worldwide. It was first developed internally by Clarks in the 1980s. Torielli became the company’s business partner in 1990, selling the software to companies outside the Clarks group, and now it has acquired full ownership of CSM3D, the company in Clarks’ home town at Street that owns and developed the Shoemaster suite.

The takeover will allow the Italian company based in Vigevano to implement common strategies for the development of innovative products and solutions for last makers, sole makers and manufacturers of shoes, taking advantage of technical and commercial synergies.

CSM3D is described as a profitable company with annual sales of about 2 million euros and a staff of 12 employees, run by Ian Paris since it was set up outside the Clarks group in 1996. This 42-year-old executive had joined Clarks’ R&D department 17 years ago. Paris has now been appointed as CEO of Torielli, an Italian group that also sells a variety of shoe manufacturing machinery and equipment, replacing Giovanni Torielli who becomes vice president in charge of specific projects and of certain markets. Pietro Torielli remains as chairman. Torielli’s sales manager, Carlo Katic, becomes commercial director of the group and joins its board of directors. Paolo Andreoni remains as a director, with direct responsibility for several markets.