Ecco Leather, the leather manufacturing division of the Danish footwear company Ecco, is holding its Hot-Shop event from Aug. 31 to Sept. 3. 

”This time around we will be exploring the notion of bringing low-fi ingenuity into a virtual and non-defined future,” the company said without giving further details about the event.

Hot-Shop is usually held in Dongen, the Dutch headquarters of the leather division. But last year, the company organized a digital edition from July 7-10 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It involved 150 people from 27 countries.

It will be the fourteenth edition of the event which ”brings together an elite community of designers, futurists, artists, material specifiers, marketers and leather technicians from the worlds of fashion, industrial design, furniture and electronics,” the company explained.

The four-day gathering challenges ”conventional leather creation and is a bold alternative to out-of-date industry events and trade shows,” it added.