Because of Covid-19 and its related safety measures, Wolverine Worldwide has expanded its partnership with Envoy B2B, taking its buyers’ conference digital. The American company was obliged to cancel its Global Brand Conference in the spring, depriving its 12 brands of a means to introduce their new products to the buyers. It staged instead virtual sales meetings in May, and it will do the same later this month. Before the pandemic struck, Wolverine had been using some of the features of the “wholesale content and e-commerce platform” develop by Envoy B2B, which is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan like the group. Then, to substitute for the traditional buyers’ conference, it upgraded to the full platform. Envoy B2B’s showroom function enabled Wolverine to use recorded and live video sessions to introduce its product lines to buyers, while the assortment and merchandising functions combined with video conferencing enabled Wolverine to hold meetings. A staff of about 100 people from both Wolverine and Envoy worked on the conference. The two partners will be holding a second, improved virtual conference this month.