Avirex, a sportswear brand, and Momo Design, a brand of motorcycle helmets, are well known in Italy and enjoy some recognition outside the country. Two veterans of the shoe industry, Massimiliano Rossi and Ramon Artigas, have set up a new company, S&D Consulting, that is licensing these two brands for two lines of shoes being offered for the spring/summer 2015 season.

Both Rossi and Artigas worked in recent years at Lumberjack, the Italian shoe brand acquired two years ago by a Turkish group, Ziylan. Rossi, 43, was appointed by the group as Lumberjack's managing director, but left the position last February. He continues as a consultant for the management of relations with some key accounts, particularly in northern Italy where his family takes care of various other brands through its agency.

Artigas, a 46-year-old Spanish manager based in Barcelona, acted as Lumberjack's export manager for three years, after working for eight years as commercial director of DC Company, a former licensee of Levi's for shoes and accessories in Europe. He subsequently experimented with other footwear licensing deals with McLaren and Rocawear.

Rossi and Artigas are getting some financial help from their licensors to carry out their new projects. Avirex is also placing at their disposal a whole floor in the building that houses its own showroom in Milan. The brand was licensed until two years ago to 3A Antonini, the former owner of Lumberjack. Momo Design, which is licensing out many other types of products, made experiments in footwear with the studio of Alberto Del Biondi.

Thanks to their numerous contacts, Rossi and Artigas have also signed an agency contract with Fabio Spreafico for the exclusive sale of his licensed Gas and Rifle footwear collections outside Italy and their non-exclusive sale in Italy. Spreafico previously ran DC Company.