Two Spanish labor unions, UGT Fica and CCOO Industria, have come to a preliminary consent with Fice, the Spanish shoe industry federation, for a new, three-year collective bargaining agreement to cover Spain's footwear industry. Among other points, the parties have agreed to annual wage raises of 2 percent, payroll disbursement in the first five days of the month and a reduction in the work schedule of four hours per year as of 2020. Women who have been the victims of gender-related violence will take precedence in the workday reduction. All employees will receive full pay for leaves of absence, regardless of length, due to work-related accidents or illnesses. They will also have 22 hours off for medical visits, a 25-minute break that does not subtract from the day's work and cumulative workdays that count toward a potential “relay contract” when a post passes to a younger member of the staff upon the employee's retirement. There are provisions for LGBT employees in terms of workplace equality, the birth of children and harassment. There are also new policies on “New Technologies, Digital Rights and the Right to Disconnect,” the negotiation of social responsibility with employee committees, and the management's duty to keep labor's legal counsel informed.