Deckers Outdoor Corporation has released the results of its 2010 crusade again counterfeiters of its UGG Australia boots. Last year, 118 raids were conducted, resulting in the seizure of almost 400,000 pairs of footwear. The biggest took place in December in Fujian province of China, when 244,648 pairs were seized. Even not including that sizable haul, the remaining 154,829 pairs that were seized represented a 245 percent increase over the previous year.

The company also fought it battle online, shutting down 4,784 websites that sold fake UGGs and removing 30,444 eBay listings selling the products. Deckers also had sponsored links taken off of search engines and removed listings from wholesale trade boards.

It also devoted some time to educating consumers about the issues surrounding counterfeit goods, and worked with policymakers in Washington, D.C., on stemming the flow of fake products.