Vögele Shoes, the Swiss shoe retail chain, has recently launched a new store concept. A year ago, CCC, the fast-growing Polish shoe retail group, acquired a 70 percent stake in Vögele Shoes, which currently operates 184 stores, from another company, Karl Vögele. These companies have nothing to do with Charles Vögele, an Austrian-based fashion retailer that is now closing all its stores in Austria and negotiating the sale of its remaining stores in Germany. Vögele Shoes' new store concept includes various shopping zones, for women, men, kids and accessories. The first store with the new look was opened in February in Haag. The Vögele Shoes stores in Luzern, Tenero, Wil and Sierre have also been renovated in line with the new concept. The next re-openings are planned in Volketwil and Uzwil in November. The autumn/winter collection recently hit the Swiss retailer's stores, with a total of 150 brands, including the private labels of Vögele Shoes and CCC, and more than 3,000 shoe models. CCC has roughly 1,000 stores in 19 countries. Online sales account for 20 percent of its total sales. The Polish-based retailer has its own factory in Poland and employs 15,000 people. It sells about 50 million pairs of shoes per year and generated total sales of €1.2 billion in 2018.