Vagabond will be exhibiting in Shanghai at the Novomania trade show in March in order to search for retailers in the Chinese market. In Europe, the company aims to expand the shop-in-shop concept, which is working very well in Scandinavia and Finland. Many new shop-in-shops were opened in Scandinavia and Finland during 2011. Mono-brand stores opened in Portugal, Hungary and Russia last year, with more openings planned for 2012. Vagabond has been restructuring its sales division and engaged a new global sales manager. From last month, Daniel Ginman has assumed his responsibilities as global sales manager of the Swedish shoe brand. He will develop the company's wholesale operations in existing and new markets. Previously, he worked as global sales manager at Santa Maria consumer goods. Anders Oden, vice president at Vagabond, had previously been managing the company's sales on his own. Vagabond is currently working on its website, which it plans to relaunch in 2012. Vagabond will be exhibiting at the GDS fair in Düsseldorf in March with a new stand, developed by an architect to better fit in with GDS' new more open look for its stands.