As previously reported, Frank van Wezel, the Dutch owner of the Hi-Tec Sports brand, bought the Duca del Cosma brand of golf and golf-inspired shoes a few months ago after it ran into financial problems (Shoe Intelligence, vol. 18, n° 18+19). Van Wezel has just sold the Hi-Tec brand (see the following story), but he has kept Duca del Cosma and established a team to relaunch the brand in the higher segment of the market, capitalizing on its Italian style image.

Baldovino Mattiazzo, the Italian designer who created the brand in 2004, is part of a new team of ten people based at a new office close to a golf course in Vreeland, in the Netherland. So is Antje Elle, the brand manager. They report to a new chief executive, Carlo Verbraak, who worked previously for a Dutch fashion brand, Claudia Sträter, and a Dutch brand of action sports apparel, Protest. Rosa di Lisa will take care of operations and communications.

Van Wezel wants to concentrate on footwear for the time being. Apparel will follow at a later stage in order to build up Duca del Cosma as a lifestyle brand. The new autumn/winter 2016 collection is in stock and samples of the Spring/Summer 2017 shoe collection have been given to the sale representatives.

Frank van Wezel and his wife Caroline play golf and other sports, including tennis. They hike a lot. They spend about two months every year in South Africa, where the van Wezel family has kept the rights for the distribution of Hi-Tec, covering also sub-Saharan Africa.