Vito Papa, an endearing marketing guru who worked for 10 years with Geox and seven years with Stonefly, has set up his own marketing and communication agency in Treviso, called Media Sphaera. He has left as communication manager of Stonefly, where his functions have been taken over directly by one of the company’s owners, Andrea Tomat, but he will continue to work for Stonefly and for Lotto, which is also controlled and led by Tomat.

Men’s, women’s and boys’ street shoes by Dexter, the 50-year-old brand from Maine bought by H.H. Brown in 1991, will now be available in the USA on an exclusive basis at Payless ShoeSource stores and through its website at lower prices than before, or for less than $40 a pair. This is based on a licensing deal that excludes performance bowling and golf shoes, which will continue to be developed and sold by Dexter along with an exclusive hand-sewn Dexter 1057 Collection, hand-crafted in Maine. Payless, which is intent on democratizing fashion and design in footwear and accessories, has similar exclusive deals with Airwalk, American Eagle and Champion.