While confirming that it doesn't plan to take over control of the company, LVMH has further raised its stake in Hermès International from 21.4 to 22.3 percent, and it has indicated that it may buy more shares depending on market conditions. LVMH has also obtained 16 percent of the voting shares, following their dilution. LVMH reported this latest move after the announcement that 52 of Hermès' family shareholders have finally set up a holding company called H51 that owns 50.2 percent of its shares, with a right of first refusal on a further stake of 12.3 percent. Two-thirds of the dividends paid out to H51 will be set aside for the possible acquisition of other shares held by family members. In the last weeks, Hermès has purchased 52,333 of its own shares for a total of €12 million, to be distributed among its employees as a bonus.