Wolfgang Schnellbügel has been appointed as French country manager of Rohde, replacing Serge Lemelle. Schnellbügel, a German executive who is married to a Frenchwoman, spent the last 14 years in the sporting goods industry, first as managing director of Sport 2000 Germany and then since 2006 as head of Sport 2000 International, which federates all the national buying groups affiliated with Sport 2000. Before joining Sport 2000, Schnellbügel ran the international division of Nord-West-Ring, the former German cooperative of shoe retailers that subsequently merged with Ariston to form the ANWR Group, parent company of Sport 2000 Germany. Schnellbügel's nomination follows numerous new appointments at Rohde recently including that of a new chief executive, Harald Neisser, who worked for Ariston and ANWR before, and of a new international sales director, Michael Dornseifer.