There are new ways to attract customers and trigger the purchasing act besides temporary stores, limited editions, Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions or the system developed by Vente Privé.

The Italian-based fashion and luxury e-tailer has launched a series of shoppable ads which self-destruct in 15 seconds. Each of the ads presents a hard-to-find luxury item. If a shopper fails to take advantage of the deal shown in the ad, they will have lost their chance forever. Once the product disappears from view, the web user will not be able to find if on the Yoox site and to view the same clip on YouTube. The item is then shown to someone else, who will have a chance to buy it instead. 

The technology was developed in partnership with Stink Studios and Google. Stink Studios has developed a system, called RITA, which allows for each video to be different based on varying factors in personalization and design. The aesthetics and the concept of the animations echo that of cartoons.

The products featured on the videos are part of the “World's Most Exclusive Collection,” created by Yoox for this campaign. The campaign will be broadcast in Italy, the U.S., Japan and South Korea only. The ads will run until mid-December, specifically during peak pre-Christmas shopping times.